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The structure characteristics of Self drilling anchor bar

Self drilling anchor bar is mainly composed of drill bit, drill pipe, joints,

plate,centralizer,check pulp plug and nut,etc.Among centralizer made of

polyethylene and rubber outer, which formed and built entirely of steel and

alloy steel casting.Drill pipe is threaded surface to ensure that the mortar

and anchor Rod bonding.Seting centralizer to each section in the middle of the

bolt in place to ensure that the drilling straight and bolt axial force.Plate

and nut are used for the bolt end for fixed and prestressed.Drill pipe is a

hollow structure, drill holes reserved for ease of high pressure air hole

cleaning and Grouting.By using this type of bolt,it can be integrated with the

functions of drilling, grouting and anchoring,improving ergonomics 25%

without the use of casing, Grouting full, especially for serious collapse hole

formation construction.